Cancellation Policy

We are committed to your satisfaction and understand that sometimes cancellations are necessary. We pride ourselves on being understanding, accommodating and fair.
The below Adomni cancellation policy was crafted to balance the interests of both Advertisers and Billboard Owners. Due to the limited availability of billboard slots and ad plays, last-minute cancellations hurt Billboard Owners, as they likely result in the Billboard Owner's inability to sell the ad plays to other Advertisers.
An advertiser's ability to initiate a cancellation or refund is driven by two time factors:
  1. When the cancellation is requested.
  2. Your Schedule's start date.
Below, you can find the specific cancellation/refund rules:
Amount of Days Before A Schedule's Start Date Cancellation Possible? Amount Refundable
30 or more days Yes 100%
2-29 days Yes 50%
Under 2 days No 0%