Uploading Content to your Content Library

      1. Login to your account. 
      2. Click on Content Library on the left navigation menu bar.                                                   
      3. At the top of the page, select the Upload Content button to upload images or videos. Note that you can select multiple files at a time.

      4. Content group selection is an optional step.  By selecting the drop down menu, you may choose from one of your existing content groups, add a new content group or you can choose none.  Choose Continue to advance to the content selection dialogue box.

      5. From the file selection dialogue box, you can easily drag content files onto the outlined window or click "Choose files" and select files from your computer.  You may upload more than one image or video file at a time.  In addition, if you have content stored in a social media profile or an online storage resource, you can easily access those on the left-hand side of the upload window.  You may need to login to the social media or storage account to access the files.
      6. After the files are uploaded, you will see them appear in your content library. Depending on the size and duration of certain video files, they may require additional processing before they are ready to play.  The thumbnail for the content piece will show a video processing icon if it does.
      7. For more information on navigating and managing content in your library, please read the article Updating and Deleting content in your Content Library