Listing your board

We've made it easy for you to list your board and provide advertisers with real-time inventory availability and pricing. Adding your board takes just a few minutes. Once added, an Adomni onboarding specialist will follow up to schedule the cutover (this part takes less than one hour). 

            1. To add your board to Adomni, you will need to be logged into your Board Owner account and then click on the List Your Board button. 
            2. Complete the board detail form in its entirety. We suggest filling out the optional fields as you want to supply potential advertisers with valuable information.
                1. *Tip #1: In the description field, we recommend providing location information such as being near a historic landmark, airport or in a neighborhood area. 
            3. Select the slots per minute, also known as the number of potential unique advertisers per minute. 
                  1. Select the number of slots that you would like Adomni to offer for sale. Let's say you choose to give Adomni 5 out of your 8 slots. The 5 slots will be available for purchase on the Adomni website whereas the 3 others will be solely sold/managed by you.
              Slots and Spots

                  1. *Note: If your board has 8 slots per minute, each advertiser will receive 7.5 seconds of ad play.  Calculation: 60 seconds/8 (slots)= 7.5 seconds (dwell time).
            4. In the Expected monthly revenue per slot field, enter your desired price. This amount will be used by Adomni's pricing system to generate the per ad play price. Expected Revenue
            5. Select the content type that is permitted on your board. Content Type
            6. Input specific content guidelines or restrictions for advertisers to see. For example, your board may prohibit the advertisement of tobacco, alcohol or gaming. Please use this space to clarify such restrictions. 
            7. Continue by adding the address or coordinates of your board. Coordinates
            8. Input the Start Date of when you want the board to appear on the Adomni search platform.Start Date
            9. If you would like certain dates or times to have higher or lower pricing than normal, you can add a price adjustment period. Click on the Add Time Period link to define a time frame as either peak, super peak or discount.Add Time Period Link

                1. Example for discount adjustment: If you would like the early morning hours (2am-4am) period to be 50% less expensive than normal, you would create a discount adjustment period, set your times, and click submit.
                  1. Example for super peak adjustment: If would like afternoon traffic hours to be 100% more expensive than normal, you would create a super peak adjustment period, set your times, and click submit.
                  2. Example for peak adjustment (shown below): If you would like the morning rush hour period to be 50% more expensive than normal, you would create a peak adjustment period, set your times, and click submit.Peak Period
            10. Congratulations! Your board is officially part of the Adomni network.

              To view your boards, go to My Media Boards on the left navigation bar.