Campaigns Summary Report Overview

This report provides a general overview of the reservations placed on your board(s) and delivers real-time information relating to the following:

  • Number of reservations placed
  • Total amount sold (in dollars)
  • Number of ad plays sold
  • Number of ad plays delivered
  • Total # of ad plays remaining
  • Sold ad time
  • Delivered ad time
  • Remaining ad time

Reservations Summary

  1. The default view shows reservation data for the current year. You can refine the results to isolate certain boards or dates.   Date Filter
  2. Number of reservations: view the number of past reservations in the current year. Reservations Placed
  3. Total amount sold ($): this is the dollar amount you sold in the current year. Hover over a pink circle to view that month's revenue.Total Amount Sold
  4. Number of ad plays sold: this number signifies the number of ad plays that you sold. Hover over the pink circle to view that particular month's number of ad plays sold. Spots Sold
  5. Total ad time sold: this is the amount of time sold (in hours). Hover over a pink circle to view that month's total ad time. Ad Time Sold