Managing your boards

We've built a streamlined process for you to view and manage your inventory.

    1. To manage your boards: Login to your account and select My Media Boards from the dashboard menu. 
    2. For each of your boards, you have the following options: edit, manage content, preview content and go to the board details page on Adomni.

            1. Edit- takes you to the board details form that you initially completed when listing your board. There you will be able to make changes as needed. 
            2. Manage Content- takes you to the Content Scheduler where you can view and edit content schedules.
            3. You can change your view of what is scheduled by choosing one of these options from the drop down menu: Show My Slots, Show Adomni Managed Slots, Show All Slots.
            4. You can also drill down deeper and isolate a single slot's schedule.
            5. As a secondary filtering dimension, you can either view all schedules or those that fall within your set time frame.
      1. Preview Content- takes you to a page that shows the ads are currently playing. You can also change the date and time to see future scheduled ads.Preview Content
          1. Go to this board- takes you to the board details page as advertisers would see it.