The world is now your customer. 

Adomni makes it possible for you to provide advertisers with real-time inventory availability and pricing using a simple-to-use online system. Adomni's cutting edge technology provides you with a centralized platform for inventory management, content scheduling, accounting and billing, and performance management. 

List your board

In just minutes, you can list your board on the Adomni network and make your inventory accessible to millions of advertisers worldwide.

Sell advertising space

With a quick search, an advertiser can locate your board, purchase ad space and launch a campaign - all on their own. Adomni's ease-of-use, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Adomni produces happy clients. 

Track & measure performance

Manage all of your Advertisers in one centralized platform and get real-time analytics on revenue and occupancy rates. All sales and client data is fully transparent, enabling you to analyze and optimize your board's performance.

We've made it that easy. Now let's get started!

The Benefits (just to name a few)

  • Expand your customer base:  Don't settle for local clients only. Join our secure network and access new customers from around the globe.  
  • Generate more revenue:  With the ability to rent hourly and daily, you can now increase your revenue in a big way. More customers = More money.
  • Simplify the ad-sell process:  Our simple software enables you to track available space, review which ads are playing on your board in real-time, and easily adjust pricing.
  • Get real-time analytics:  Our monthly, daily, and even hourly analytics allow you to track revenue, and assess the performance of your billboard. 
  • Manage or let us manage for you:  Adomni is a full service agency that can act as the property manager for your billboard. So whether you choose to manually manage your account or let us do everything for you, we can help.