Viewing your Campaign

  1. To view your Campaigns, select Campaign on the left hand navigation.

  2. Using the Show drop-down bar, you may view both Active and Inactive Campaigns or both Campaign statuses. To see additional details such as what locations are a part of each campaign, click on Manage under the Actions column.          
  3. The campaign details page shows the location or locations you've chosen to be a part of your campaign.  You can quickly see whether a campaign location is currently active by reviewing the Status column.  You will either see a status of running, not running, paused or cancelled.  If a campaign is not running, click on "not running" and a dialogue box will open explaining the reason for the status.  For example, if you've not yet added content to this locations schedule, you will be told "no content scheduled".        
  4. To review any geo-targeting or change the selected locations within a network, click on the word Manage in the Actions column.  You will arrive at the Content page.  Click on Details tab next to the pink Ad Content tab and you will be at the geo-fencing selection page.  You may either add additional selection boxes (remember to select thebutton) or you may delete previous selections using the delete buttons on the right hand side of the screen.