Creating an advertising Campaign

We've made digital advertising even easier!  Book all of your advertising the same way.  Whether you're purchasing a Guaranteed slot on an LED billboard or you're buying an If-Available indoor digital network, you follow the same simple process to find screens, adjust your purchase details, add them cart and then Launch your Campaign.  You can even add different buying options to the same Campaign.  It is not necessary to have an Adomni Advertiser account to search for screens on the Adomni platform, but if you haven't already done so, simply click the Register button and activate your account.  Now, on to creating your advertising Campaign.

  1. Click on Find Boards at the top of the page.  Enter a city or zip code to start a search for available advertising options.  Locations available in your search area will populate the screen alongside a map detailing the precise screen locations.  Refine your search area by moving or zooming in and out on the map. You may also filter your search results by board types, date range and by adjusting the price range slider. Price Filter
  2. Select the board you are interested in and you will be taken to the details page for that board. If you are interested in a board that is in our Extended Network , indicated by the  icon, you can submit a requestSearch Results-Boards
  3. On the Details page, you will be presented with an image of the board and specific information for the location including size of the board, ad requirements and duration and important audience information. If the picture includes the streetview icon , you may access a streetview preview of the location by clicking the icon.
  4. You may adjust the date range, days of the week, time of day and your frequency and see the price results on the right hand side. In addition to the price, you’ll also see ad plays, impressions and the cost per 1,000 impressions (eCPM) beneath the price.
  5. For certain locations, you may also access the Geo-fencing tools and draw specific areas where you’d like your ad to play, or select areas to target with certain Geo-networks.Add Board to Cart
  6. You may also choose to enter your own Budget for advertising when the “If-Available” option is present.  Click on the button next to “If-Available” and enter your “Total Budget” or enter a “Daily Budget”. Your budgets will adjust as you make changes, as will your total PriceIf Available
  7. When you’re finished selecting your campaign details, simply press the Add to Cart button. You may continue shopping and add additional locations to your campaign or you may proceed to Checkout by clicking on the Checkout button on the popup, or by clicking on the Cart icon at the top of the page Add to Cart
  8.  Review the details of your campaign and make adjustments if needed. Once your payment information is filled out, press the Launch Campaign button and your Campaign is booked. For payment, Adomni accepts all major credit cards. For certain advertisers, net term agreements may be available. Please call Adomni Support 844-4ADOMNI (423-6664) or email us at to see if you qualify for this feature.  Checkout Page
  9. Now the fun begins! You can begin uploading and assigning content to your reservation. To learn more, checkout the Adding Content to your Campaign section.