Updating or deleting content

  1. Go to My Account and click on Content Library on the left navigation menu bar.
  2. In the content library window, you'll see a list of your content with many of the primary properties, including the ID, name, the content group to which it's applied, upload date, file size and duration, if it's enabled and whether it's included in any of the current schedules.  Please note, that in the Playing Today column, this only changes once play reports come back from the player, it does not automatically include it when you add a piece to an active schedule.  You'll also see Filter options for your library where you can modify which items you see based on the filter results. At the far right of each piece of content is the Actions column.  There are 3 primary actions, Update, Edit and Delete, that can be performed on each content piece
  3. The Update action will open the update content window where you can select or change the content group, enable or disable content by using the drop down menus.  You may also delete the content.  As your content library gets larger, you can utilize these functions to help keep it organized and easier to sift through to find content you're looking for.  You may create your own custom content groups by clicking Content Groups on the left-hand navigation bar.  You can also choose to disable a piece of content if you don't need it at the moment but want to use it for a date in the future.  A good example of using this would be for a Christmas spot that you wanted to save for next year but don't need to see it in your day-to-day searches.  The Cache Content is used in rare circumstances, where you don't want the player to store a copy of the content on the remote player.  The delete button will remove the content permanently from you library and provides the same function as the Delete action in the content library screen.  If you see a check box with the word Template?, this means you are updating a piece of content that was created with our Ad Designer and you may check this box to include it as a template which will be accessible when you choose the Design Ad button.
  4. The Edit option will appear for any content that was produced using the Design Ad feature.  To make modifications to any content that utilized this feature, click Edit and you'll be directed to the online editor.  You won't be making edits to this version, the editor will save any changes or edits you make to a new file.
  5. The Delete button will delete the content piece from your library permanently.  If you have content with specific dates that have past you can delete the content to keep your library up to date.  Even though content may be deleted from your library, it will still show in and play reports you run for past dates.
  6. You can perform actions on several content pieces at once as well.  For all pieces of content to which you'd like to perform an action, simply click the check box at the left-hand side of the content.  Then Choose An Action and additional options will appear related to that Action.