Managing content and schedules for a Campaign

After creating an advertising Campaign, the next step is to add content for the locations you've selected.  Remember that screen sizes will vary between locations, and for some locations, may require multiple pieces of content designed at multiple sizes.  You'll find the required screen dimensions for each location as we go through this process.  If you just went through the checkout process and Launched Campaign, click on the "Click Here To Manage This Campaign" button and move to Step 1.  If you're returning, login to your Adomni Advertiser account and click My Account (Advertiser type if you have multiple accounts) and then choose CAMPAIGN from the left hand navigation bar.

  1. On the Campaigns page, you'll see a list of your Campaigns with details related to the purchase. Find the Campaign you wish to add content for and click the Manage button in the Actions column.
  2. On the Campaign Details page, you'll see the locations you've selected to be a part of your Campaign with several columns of details for each location.  To add content, click on Manage in the Action column for the first location.  In the Action column, if you see View Live Feed, you may click this to view a live feed from a webcam for that location.  Not all locations have live feeds.
  3. From the Ad Content page, you can add content to your schedule by uploading content, adding content from your library or design content online. Toward the bottom of the page you'll see the optimum size for content produced for this location along with a simple photoshop template which you may download to assist with creating your content design. In the center of the screen are buttons used to add the content.  For locations with no current content, the schedule area will be blank. Clicking the Upload button allows you to add content from several different online sources or from a location on your computer. Clicking on Content Library allows you to add content you've previously uploaded to your Adomni account. Remember that you can have multiple sizes of the same creative content. When you choose Content Library, the default screen shows only content you have in your library that exactly matches the size required for the current location. You may see all of your library by unchecking the box next to the dimensions.  You may also click Design Ad and you'll be taken to our online content creation tool where you can design, edit, and save creative produced exactly to the location's specs.
  4. After choosing one of the content options and going through the upload, adding or creating process, an icon for your content will appear in the schedule window. If it is new content that has not yet been approved by the Board Owner, it will have a "Pending Approval" tag. Once the content is approved by the Board Owner, the tag will be removed and the content will be ready to play at the location.
  5. Your content will appear in the sequence list, as well as, on the preview image on the screen at the top of the page. You may add additional pieces of content to the sequence if your campaign features mutliple pieces of creative.
  6. To continue adding content to other locations you may have in your Campaign, click the Manage Campaign button to navigate back to the Campaign Details page.

The date range of schedules default to the purchased duration. For more advanced scheduling options, such as setting content specific expiration or start dates, or adjusting the order of multiple pieces of content in your schedule, please refer to the help article Advanced Scheduling