Uploading Content

    1. Login to your account. 
    2. Click on My Content on the left navigation menu bar.                                                        
    3. Select Add Media Content to upload images or videos. Note that you can select multiple files at a time.

      *Tip: If you have created Content Groups, you can assign the content to a group in this window as well.
    4. The Assign Content To Media Boards window will appear. You may want to enter an expiration date at this time. Select Finished if you approve.

        1. Expiration date: Entering an expiration date and time will automatically delete the content from your account and from schedules at the specified time. For example, you may be running a Summer Sale ad campaign that ends on a specific date (7/6/18) and specific time (10pm). If you enter an expiration date of 7/6/18 and expiration time of 10pm, your content will be automatically deleted. This is especially useful when managing several short-term campaigns.