Updating or deleting content

  1. Go to My Account and click on My Content on the left navigation menu bar.
  2. Select the Update button next to the image/video you want to update.    
  3. The Update Media Content window will appear and allow you to:
      1. Select a Content Group: Assign a Content Group to better organize and locate your ads. 
        1. Enable or disable: Choose to enable or disable content depending on the ad schedule. You may want to disable content that you plan on assigning or scheduling at a later date. 
          1. Enter an expiration date: Entering an expiration date will automatically delete the content from your account on the date entered. For example, you may be running a Summer Sale ad campaign that ends on a specific date (7/6/18). If you enter an expiration date of 7/7/18, your content will be automatically deleted on that day and only your active content will load. This is especially useful when managing many short-term campaigns.
  4. To delete the content, simply click the red Delete button on the bottom left corner.