Scheduling Content

  1. Click on My Media Boards on the left navigation bar in My Account. 
  2. Select either the board's icon on the left or click Schedule Content under the Actions column to be taken to the Content Scheduler.
      1. on your digital billboard, you will be able to see the running ads in real-time. Pretty cool, right?
  3. Click on the Schedule Content button on the top right corner to create a new schedule.
  4. Follow the steps below to enter the specific scheduling information for your ads.

    1. Enter a Name for your schedule to help identify it. (Optional)
    2. Select the dates and times the content should play.
    3. If you want your schedule to start on a certain time on one day and then stop at a different time on another day, change the Same Start and End Time drop-down menu to No and you'll be given additional time options.
    4. If your system is in "Guaranteed" or Slot mode, you'll need to choose one of the available slots from the Slot drop-down menu.
    5. Override schedules allow you to quickly create or enable a schedule to be the only one running.  This is useful when you have multiple schedules and you would temporarily like to override them with different content.
    6. You can choose for your schedule to be active only on certain days by using the Day of Week drop-down menu.
    7. Daily time ranges can be created for schedules using the Time Range drop-down menu. Choose either a preset option or create a Custom time range.
    8. In cases where you have multiple schedules, you can add a multiplier which will increase the amount of times content in the schedule is played in relationship to any other schedules. 
    9. As an example, if you have 4 different schedules, each with two pieces of content, the scheduler would normally play one piece of content from each of the 4 schedules before returning to the first schedule and playing its second piece of content.  If you choose one schedule to have a multiplier higher than 1X, the scheduler would return to that schedule with the desired frequency before starting again at schedule 1 (unless of course, schedule 1 is the one with the extra multiplier!).
  5. There are 3 options for adding content to your schedule.  You may use one or all of them depending on how many pieces of content you would like to add to this schedule.
    1. You may Upload content from your computer or your connected online storage services.
    2. You may load previously uploaded content that is stored in your Content Library.  If you have multiple boards in your account that are various sizes, the Content Library will default to content that is exactly sized for the board you are currently scheduling.  You may un-select the dimensions check box to see more available content in your library.  Once you've selected the content or multiple pieces of content, you must click the Send to Scheduler button to return to the scheduler.
    3. You may also create your own ad to the specifications of the board you are scheduling by selecting Design Ad. After you design your ad and save it in the designer, it will appear in your schedule.
  6. If you have chosen multiple pieces of content, they will have a number above the top left corner of each icon which indicates the order in which they will be played.  If you wish to change the order, use the commands next to "Clear Sequence".
    1. Clicking All will remove all sequencing and you may reselect the content pieces in the order or "sequence" you desire.
    2. Clicking Select will allow you to remove one or multiple items sequence information.  Remember to press DONE when you are finished to re-select the playback order.
    3. You may add an item multiple times to a sequence by selecting it multiple times.  Additional numbers will appear above the content piece indicating all of their positions within the playback order.
    4. Selecting the black x on a content piece will remove it from the schedule.  If you need to add it back, you'll need to select Content Library and select it again.
    5. Selecting the gray clock icon on the lower right corner of each content piece will allow you to add custom date and time information for that specific piece of content in the schedule. 
  7. Select the Save & Close button when you are finished.
  8. Your new schedule will appear in the Schedule tab. If you need to edit content or dates, you can easily do so.  

If you have any questions regarding your schedule, please email us at