Accounting Report Overview

 This is your go-to report to view financial information relating to reservations and payments.

  1. The top section of the report provides high level stats regarding the total amount ($) placed in reservations, amount paid and amount owed during the selected time frame.
      1. To view information based on payment statususe the Payment Status filter to sort by the following: All, fully paid, partially paid, unpaid, past due. Payment Status

Purchase order/credit card payment plan reservations

  1. Most Adomni reservations are placed by credit card, however if your reservation was placed with a purchase order or credit card payment plan, you can click on the orange plus icon to view invoices. Accounting Short View
  2. Here's what an expanded reservation looks like:Accounting Expanded View
  3. Click on the View PO link to see an invoice breakdown for the reservation.  Purchase Order View