Overriding Content

The override feature is useful when there's a need to temporarily replace existing schedules with a new schedule. For example, a political caucus is in town and requires you to replace all of your schedule content to be replaced with an announcement. You may use the override feature to nullify the existing schedules and replace them with a new one.

  1. Click on My Devices in My Account.                                                                     Mymeadia boards
  2. Select Schedule Content or click on the devices icon to view your schedules. Manage Content
  3. Click Edit on any of the schedules listed. Schedule View2
  4. If needed, adjust the start and end date, time range and add the content you'd like to use for the Override schedule. In the Slot selection dropdown, choose Override.  When you're finished, click Save & Close. Schedule View
  5. Note: Clicking the Override box will result in your new schedule overriding ALL of your slots or scheduled playlists. None of the other schedules will appear during this schedule's duration.