Choosing between Guaranteed and If-Available Ad Campaigns

There are two Ad Delivery Methods you can choose from when purchasing advertising space through the Adomni marketplace;  Guaranteed and If-Available. If a location does not accept either of the methods, you'll see "not applicable" next to that method.

Guaranteed ad delivery means that once you launch your campaign, the inventory purchased is exclusively yours. Your price per ad play may be higher for this service level if purchasing less than a month worth of ad plays, but you have 100% certainty that your ads will be shown at the dates and times selected.

If-Available ad delivery means that once you launch your campaign, we will request your ad content to play at the times and dates selected and delivery is on a best effort basis. If there is availability at your selected dates and times, your ads will be served and your budget will be spent after the ads have been delivered.

For information on creating a Campaign, review the article Creating an advertising Campaign