Pairing your board's player to your board in your Adomni account

Part of what makes Adomni so easy is the process of connecting the hardware running your Adomni Player software to the board listed in your Adomni account.  We call this process "pairing".  There are a couple of things necessary for this process.

A.  You'll need the player hardware to be connected to the internet so it can retrieve the code and then connect to your board in your Adomni account.  Various devices connect to the internet in various ways, so you'll need to refer to your devices connection instructions if you need assistance.

B.  You'll need to be able to see the screen your device is connected to, either by plugging into the actual screen location or using a temporary monitor.

C.  You'll need to have already listed your board in your Adomni account.  If you've not listed your board in your Adomni account yet, please refer to this article before proceeding. Listing your board.  It's also a good idea to schedule at least one piece of content to running on your board before pairing.  Now, on to the Pairing Process.

    1. Download the latest player software from Adomni and install it on your device.

      For Linux OS Download Adomni Linux Player

      For Mac OS Download Adomni Mac Player

      For Windows OS Download Adomni Windows Player

    2. Find and run the AdomniPlayer file.  You may need to allow the program to run.


For Brightsign devices, you may download the latest publish installer from Download Adomni Brightsign Installer. Unzip the file and copy the contents of the folder (not the entire folder) to a blank SD card. The folder structure on the SD card should look like this image .


Put the SD card in your Brightsign player and plug in the power.

For Firestick, Install and then Open the Silk Browser App.


and then type in the web address

  1. After you've started the player software on any of the above devices, you will be presented with a pairing screen showing you a 4-digit code.  Take note of the code and be mindful of zeros and O's as they can look similar.  Zeroes are typically skinny and the O's are more circular.  In this example the code is SXII.
  2. Login to your Adomni account within 10 minutes of the code appearing on the screen as it will time out.  Navigate to MY MEDIA BOARDS and click on the orange ACTIVATE BOARD button toward the top of the page.
  3. On the pairing screen, enter the 4 digit code and click on SUBMIT.  If you have entered an invalid code two things are possible.  Either you've entered one of the characters incorrectly (remember to check 0's (zeroes) and O's) or the code has timed out.  If submission works, you'll be taken to your list of boards where you will select the one you are trying to pair with.
  4. Click on Activate This Board for the board to which you'd like to pair your Adomni Player. If the board you're looking for is part of a network, select the network and then the list of possible boards to pair with will change to the boards in that network.
  5. Once you click Activate This Board, the pairing screen on your player device will disappear and the pairing process will commence.  You are officially paired and your Adomni Player software will respond to the scheduling and content changes you make for it in your Adomni account.

Remember, if you've not scheduled any content to play on the newly paired board it could start on a black screen and appear not to be functioning. For instructions on scheduling content to play on your board, please review the article Scheduling Content