Advanced QR Codes

The advanced QR code solution is an effective method of getting audiences to interact with the brand behind the digital billboard.

What makes it advanced?

  • Provides an extension of a physical medium to digital world
  • Ability to track # of downloads
  • Ability to track unique users by time, offer/content performance, offers, engagement, engagement by location, etc.
  • Ability for coupons served to be saved into Apple Wallet or Google Pay
  • Ability to personalize message based on factors such as time of day/location

How does it work?



User can unlock contextual value by scanning a QR Code via their device camera or scanning app. User can also manually type in the URL.



User receives personalized offer based on targeting information



User can opt to save to their native wallet or use the offer immediately online or in store



Once saved in native wallet (such as Gpay), it can be synchronized across all devices for easy redemption

What KPls are available from the QR Code Campaign?

  • Number of scans
  • Unique impressions
  • Location of user
  • Number of site views
  • Targeted offers delivered
  • Targeted offers accepted
  • Time of day
  • Geo-location reminders
  • Sequential offers delivered based on interactions
  • Offer declined
  • Engagement rate

Example Reporting

Unique Users
By Time

% Of Scanning QR code
vs. Typing in URL

Engagement Heat Map

Learn how to add Advanced QR Codes to your campaign(s)