How to Adomni.

Get the most out of the Adomni platform, with these quick tutorial videos.

Join Sabrina for a walk-through of several common Adomni platform topics below.

Or for a live one-on-one demo, feel free to reach out by live chat, phone at 844-423-6664 or

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Creating & Registering Your Account

Now that you're ready to register and create an account, follow a few simple steps and you're done!

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Exploring Adomni's Screen Inventory

With over 440,000 programmatically connected screens, the world of out of home is literally in your hands.

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Creating a Performance Campaign

In a matter of minutes, you can create and launch a campaign. The power of programmatic out-of-home is in your hands. 

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Creating and Sharing a Campaign Plan

After creating a campaign, you can quickly share the campaign campaign details with colleagues or clients by email.

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Submitting a Campaign Plan Request

Our digital out of home planners and strategists will help you create the optimal campaign for your business objectives.

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Requesting Credit Line Payment Terms

If you plan to book large size campaigns on Adomni, instead of paying by credit card, you can apply for credit terms.

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Uploading Content and Approval Process

There is an automated ad content approval process that is streamlined for quick processing.  

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Managing Content in Your Content Library

Adomni has made it easy to view and manage all of your ad content in one place

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