Transparent reports at your fingertips.

Once your campaign starts running, you can view real-time performance metrics such as budget spent and impressions delivered. Below is an exact replica of the main performance report available to you.


Attribution and lift reports

For campaigns with sufficient scale and duration characteristics, we offer personalized attribution and lift reports that showcase the impact of your digital out of home advertisements. Below are examples of each of the different report types.

Location visitation lift

Measures visits exposed to DOOH advertisement and visits non-exposed for a traffic % lift.

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Website visitation lift

Measures website visits of exposed to DOOH advertisement and non-exposed for a traffic % lift.

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Mobile app KPI lift

Measures app downloads of exposed and non-exposed to your DOOH ad for a download % lift.

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Brand awareness lift

Measures responses of exposed and non-exposed DOOH ad audiences simultaneously during a campaign for a % lift.

To learn more about these reports or explore their feasibility for your campaign(s):