Out of home resource center.

A collection of out of home studies, articles, and facts that you might find interesting.

Advertisers reveal a strong interest in DOOH

The DPAA and Xaxis latest report provides a promising peek into advertisers’ perceptions of DOOH advertising use in 2022

Consumer behavior fuels OOH impact

The Harris Poll and OAAA consumer insights report shows that OOH is poised to dominate in 2022

Summer travel creates OOH opportunity

Harris Poll and OAAA report a rise in Summer travel. Here are the best venue types to engage consumers.

Key trends driving DOOH growth

Verizon Media projects DOOH spend change and zeros in on solutions advertisers find most valuable in DOOH.

Consumer mobility creates opportunity

This Harris Poll and OAAA consumer insights and intent report highlights unique opportunities for OOH.

COVID impact on consumers and OOH

OAAA and The Harris Poll research shows that OOH is engaging consumers more than ever.

Nielsen 2020 study on OOH engagement

This report details America’s interaction with out of home media types in the top 30 markets.

DOOH ad spending continues to increase

eMarketer predicts a 41% increase in DOOH ad spend by 2023 due to digitization of out of home.

OOH increases efficacy of Facebook ads

According to Facebook, adding OOH to the mix dramatically increases efficacy.

Nielsen 2019 study on the power of OOH

This report provides a detailed examination of America’s travel habits and its exposure to out-of-home advertising.

Programmatic versus Programanual

Our car wash analogy illustrates what programmanual is and how it compares to pure programmatic buying.

See lift results with OOH ads

Campaigns that included OOH ads in the marketing mix have significant incremental lift results across 4 major KPIs.

OOH boosts online engagement

A study by Xaxis proved that DOOH drives a 4x lift for omni-channel campaigns.

Out of Home LUMAscape

This is an organized visual ecosystem across all critical categories within the out of home landscape.

Billboards are most favored media type

This chart shows favorable/unfavorable attitudes towards different ad types.

Top 10 out of home advertisers

These brands were the top spenders in out of home advertising in 2019.

OOH ad recall is higher than all other media

This advertising effectiveness study by Peter J. Solomon Company compares 5 primary advertising channels.

OOH has one of the lowest average CPMs

This PJ Solomon study compares US major media CPMs based on SEC filings, news, research and other industry sources.

The global OOH market continues to grow

For many years, out of home has been the fastest growing traditional advertising channel.