Adomni Partners with Vengo Labs

November 1, 2019

Vengo’s network of interactive digital kiosks in gyms, colleges, hotels and offices are now available on the Adomni Ad Marketplace.

Vengo Labs offers a place-based DOOH network of interactive digital kiosks in gyms, colleges, hotels and across the US with a focus on top DMAs, particularly New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

“Our partnership with Vengo provides Adomni advertisers with a valuable new channel to reach consumers in a unique and engaging way in the top DMA’s across the country. This is the perfect addition to the Adomni DOOH offering and we couldn’t be more excited about the partnership” - Luba Giglia, Marketing Manager at Adomni.

“Our partnership with Adomni enables us to expand the reach of our network to an additional group of marketers who may not be looking at place-based media directly. We are big believers in programmatic as a great complement to our direct sales, which enable more specific targeting, interactivity and data collection with product sampling. We built a strong media business with programmatic playing a big part, and see that growing as platforms expands and marketers tap into budgets beyond DOOH.” - Marci Weisler, Chief Commercial Officer at Vengo Labs.

In addition to offering digital media, Vengo can run interactive campaigns that capture data as well as sampling campaigns for physical products (via direct buy). For more information, visit

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  • Post published:November 1, 2019
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