An alcohol beverage company boosts summer sales in New York with DOOH!

A popular alcohol beverage brand promoted its refreshing summer beverages, driving a 27% lift in store visits!


A refreshing alcohol beverage company wanted to launch a citywide summer campaign for its seasonal flavorings in New York City and Long Island. The goal was to drive brand affinity and boost store visits to 7-Eleven, where the product was sold.


Adomni’s programmatically connected digital out-of-home screens showcased the alcohol beverage, reaching on-the-go audiences using dayparting tools to achieve optimal campaign outcomes. The summer campaign targeted screens around New York City and Long Island, including Uber OOH, urban panels, and gyms close to 7-Eleven locations to drive audiences to purchase the alcohol beverage. Audience exposed to the DOOH ads were service mobile ads for an omnichannel experience.

The Goals

  • Increase sales on drinks
  • Drive audiences to 7-Eleven stores in NYC and Long Island

Our Approach

  • Served ads across various venue types, including urban panels and gyms
  • Captivated on-the-go consumers, at street level, with Uber OOH
  • Utilized dayparting to reach maximum engagement

The Results

  • 7-Eleven stores had a 27% lift in store visits
  • Delivered over 17M impressions in one month