Bubly increased purchase consideration and ad recall with DOOH

The sparkling water campaign saw an increase in store traffic, brand awareness, and campaign recall.


PepsiCo Bubly launched a nationwide summer campaign for its refreshing sparkling water. The goal was to drive brand awareness, product consideration, and foot traffic to stores that sold the product.


Bubly took advantage of Adomni’s programmatic DOOH platform to engage consumers across fourteen priority markets. The campaign targeted the most optimal outdoor screens including large-formatted roadside digital billboards and urban panels that are in close proximity to store locations where the product was sold. The campaign also included retail and pharmacy screens to drive lower-funnel awareness and in-store conversions.

The Goals

  • Drive awareness in 14 key opportunity markets
  • Increase brand opinion and purchase intent
  • Direct audiences to visit stores where product is sold

Our Approach

  • Ads were served programmatically across six venue types including convenience
    stores, digital billboards, grocery stores, pharmacies, Uber OOH, and urban panels
  • Used point-of-interest geo-targeting to display ads within 1 mile of retailers
  • Used retail availability and sales index to identify and target venues that surrounded locations where consumers could purchase in-store
  • Captivated on-the-go audiences at street-level with Uber OOH vehicles

The Results

  • Delivered 80M impressions across 5,000 screens
  • Exposure to the DOOH campaign increased purchase consideration by 7% and brand opinion by 11%
  • Audiences exposed to DOOH ads were 27% more likely to visit stores than non-exposed audiences
  • Generated a 51% lift in ad recall