E-learning company sees lift in website visitation and conversions using DOOH

The educational tool leveraged various DOOH venue types to raise brand awareness and saw a 60% lift in website visits


An online education subscription platform wanted to raise awareness and increase website visitation for their new products and services in Houston, LA, Atlanta, San Francisco.


The e-learning company utilized Adomni and DOOH to promote their services across a variety of digital out-of-home venue types. The campaign focused on adults ages 25-54 and utilized dayparting to ensure ads were seen at optimal times by the target audience.

The Goals

  • Drive audiences to website to purchase an online subscription
  • Raise awareness for new products, services, or sales

Our Approach

  • Targeted adults ages 25-54 across airports, restaurants, digital billboards, urban panels, shopping malls and gyms across 4 key markets
  • Utilized dayparting to maximize engagement
  • Reached consumers at street-level with Uber OOH vehicles

The Results

  • Delivered over 187.5M impressions in a six-week span
  • Saw a 60% lift in Masterclass website visits among exposed audiences
  • Had a 56% lift in website conversion from audiences who were exposed to the DOOH ads