Energy efficiency service’s campaign boosts website visits!


Energy efficiency service’s campaign boosts website visits!

The leading force in carbon reduction across MA generated a 500% lift in website visits with DOOH!


With a goal of increasing website traffic and sparking brand recognition, the company set its sights on spreading the word about heat pump water heaters that have the power to reduce energy consumption significantly.


This energy company teamed up with Adomni to unleash a massive campaign across MA, serving ads on five different venue types delivered in both English and Spanish. The DOOH campaign targeted audiences using strategic day-parting tools, emphasizing the benefits of HPWH and encouraging the MA community to take action to reduce their energy usage.

The Goals

  • Drive traffic to the brands website
  • Raise brand awareness of heat pump water heaters (HPWH) in MA

Our Approach

  • Served ads on 5 venue types across MA, including digital billboards, shopping malls, urban panels, gyms, and grocery stores
  • Ran ad creative in English and Spanish to showcase to audiences the benefits of HPWH
  • Included a website URL in the creative to direct exposed audiences to the website
  • Utilized multiple day parting schedules across different venue types to ensure ads were seen at optimal times

The Results

  • Saw a 500% lift in website visits
  • Delivered 8.7M impressions

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