HP boosts purchase consideration and ad recall with DOOH

HP boosts purchase consideration and ad recall with DOOH

The “Work Happy” campaign saw an increase in brand opinion, purchase intent, and ad recall


HP wanted to remain top of mind, boost purchase intent, and drive brand awareness to hybrid remote workers and high-level decision-makers across major cities in the United States.


HP launched a nationwide ‘Work Happy’ campaign to inspire remote and hybrid workers that they can work efficiently from anywhere with HP products. The campaign targeted tech industries, commuting routes, and conferences when workers and high-level decision-makers were most receptive.

The Goals

  • Position HP as innovative and the preferred technology partner in the hybrid work era
  • Establish HP as the IT partner of choice
  • Drive awareness of HP product capabilities

Our Approach

  • Targeted tech headquarters and commuting routes to reach C-Suite, hybrid remote workers, and high level decision makers in a working mindset
  • Blanketed top cities where the hybrid remote worker eats, sleeps, plays, and Works Happy
  • Surrounded conferences where high level decision makers were at their most curious & receptive – learning & networking at conferences

The Results

  • Exposure to the DOOH campaign increased brand opinion and purchase intent by 30%
  • Raised brand consideration by 36%
  • Generated a 39% lift in ad recall

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