Joe's Pizza increased revenue by 20% using Adomni


Joe's Pizza increased revenue by 20% using Adomni

A local Las Vegas Pizza shop with a limited budget wanted to generate new customers into the restaurant.


Small business owners generally use digital channels like Facebook and Google to reach potential and existing customers. Today, consumers are moving about more than ever, with estimates of over 70% of our waking hours being spent out of home. Staying connected when out of home, consumers continue to interact with both their personal devices and the increasingly ubiquitous full-size digital displays that surround us wherever we go.

Peter Soltesz, the Pizza shop owner, understood the value of billboard advertising and found Adomni while searching for unique, cost-effective marketing methods.

"The platform has been a positive and I will continue to use it as a regular marketing tool for my business"
- Peter Soltesz, Owner of Joe's Pizza


Adomni’s online platform enables businesses to easily launch and manage out of home campaigns on digital screens around world. With easy-to-use online tools, campaigns are affordable and can be launched in minutes. Features like “day-parting” allows advertisers to choose optimal times to run their campaigns on specific digital billboards/screens. Joe’s New York Pizza ran ads on a billboard close to the restaurant, strategically targeting hungry travelers during lunch hours (12pm – 2pm) and on their way home for dinner (5pm – 7pm).

The Goals

  • Gain new customers
  • Increase foot traffic into the restaurant

Our Approach

  • Targeted specific digital billboards in close proximity to the restaurant
  • Utilized day-parting to strategically target hungry travelers during lunch and dinner times

The Results

  • A noticeable increase in foot traffic after the launch of the campaign
  • A 20% increase in revenue shortly after launch of campaign

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