Liquid I.V. boosts awareness, ad recall, and consideration

Liquid I.V. boosts awareness, ad recall, and consideration

Liquid I.V. sees a 91% lift in brand recall and 35% boost in brand awareness during Pride!


Liquid I.V. wanted to drive awareness, consideration, and ad recall for their hydrating offerings during Pride month. The goal revolved around increasing website traffic with the aim of driving product sales.


By leveraging Adomni’s programmatically connected screens, Liquid I.V. effectively showcased their hydrating merchandise across a spectrum of ten venue types spanning six key states. This campaign honed in on a 5-mile proximity to Pride events, employing strategic dayparting and budget allocation mechanisms to enhance the efficiency of ads and maximize their impact.

The Goals

  • Raise brand awareness of Liquid I.V. products during Pride
  • Increase consideration and ad recall
  • Drive traffic to the website

Our Approach

  • Served ads across ten venue types, including airports, grocery stores, and digital billboards
  • Targeted Costco members during Pride month
  • Leveraged screens that were within a 5-mile radius of Pride events and parades
  • Employed day partying to precisely reach target audiences during peak traffic hours
  • Incorporated a URL to direct audiences to visit Liquid I.V.’s website
  • Strategically allocated budget among venue types to maximize ad impact

The Results

  • Saw a 35% boost in brand awareness from audiences who were exposed to the
    DOOH ads
  • Had an outstanding 91% lift in brand recall
  • 57% of exposed audiences responded positively to the ads
  • 30% of viewers were more likely to purchase Liquid I.V. products than non-exposed
  • 55% of the consumers were likely to recommend Liquid I.V. hydration products to family or friend
  • Gained over 29M impressions

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