Challenging programmatic: a chat with Jonathan Gudai, Adomni's Ceo

Published: July 9, 2019

This pod ‘CAST’ is a challenging Q and A format of programmatic platform Adomni’s CEO, Jonathan Gudai.

Covering questions on;
Programmatic competition.
The Kylie Jenner campaign origination.
OOH Rates, pricing and mark ups.
Data sources and Investors.

Board Members: Todd Hansen, Jack Sullivan, Bob Wolfe, and Levi Eichenstein, our OOH Experts task Adomni’s CEO, Jonathan Gudai.

The Board Room is outdoor advertising’s unfiltered podcast which offers deeper insights on the Out of Home Advertising Industry. A panel of OOH professionals discuss all in the OOH space… creative, leadership, measurement, sales, technology and the journey.

About our pod ‘CAST’ —Our format welcomes a panel of four OOH professionals who are experts in all that is Outdoor Advertising. The diverse group represents billboard owners, advertising agencies, and associations, who deliver a lively discussion of current OOH issues. In the near future, we’ll include an interview with an OOH professional. Listen to the issues of the day affecting the Outdoor Advertising Industry as we examine media owners, creative, ad sales, ad-tech and media executives, offering thought leadership and interesting takeways. Our audience is comprised of Outdoor Advertising related professionals including Owners, Vendors, Advertising Agencies and Advertisers who desire to learn from our guests’ knowledge, advice, and experience. Learn more at

Board Room Directors:

  • Brent Baer, Moderator, Publisher, OOH Today

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  • Post published:July 9, 2019
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