IZON announces Adomni integration

Published: December 20, 2019

IZON Network has connected its network of advertising screens on golf courses to the Adomni Marketplace

Scottsdale, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - December 20, 2019) - IZON Network, Inc. (OTC Pink: IZNN), also known as IZON Digital Media Network (the "Company"), is pleased to announce the addition of Adomni as its newest Ad integration partner. Adomni advertisers can now reach the golfer audience via IZON's in-cart video advertising screens.

"Our partnership with IZON gives out -of-home advertisers the opportunity to reach a new and premium audience segment. Golfers make up 10% of the U.S. population and are key household decision makers with purchasing power. Advertising to this segment during their 4.5-hour golf outing is attractive because you have a highly engaged audience who is constantly using the advertising screens for score-keeping and distance-to-hole tracking." said Luba Giglia, Marketing Manager at Adomni.

IZON Digital Media Network is a proprietary media & entertainment platform for premium & niche marketplaces which targets premium captive digital out-of-home audiences. There is significant demand for access to high end consumers by National brands & Advertisers. IZON focuses its efforts within the Digital Out-of-Home vertical where an expanding premium user base already exists for the longest dwell times and can be engaged utilizing its digital media network including golf and premium transportation. Due to IZON's offering this drives the greatest amount of margin and topline revenue from National Brands & Advertisers. IZON drives engagement through current and emerging DOOH channels, beginning with golf carts through IZON Golf GPS tablets and will be expanding to luxury vehicles, websites, apps and connected TV.

"Any time we can partner with leaders within the industry we do not hesitate. Adomni is a clear leader within the digital signage technology sector and with their current inventory of 1,000's of screens this is a perfect fit to add IZON's Premium Network." said Tim Ummel, CEO of IZON. "As we look to 2020 this integration is going to create multiple opportunities for both of our companies. Now having Adomni feeding right in to the IZON REACH platform is yet another strong step forward for IZON."

About Adomni
Adomni is a self-service online platform that connects brands and agencies with on-the-go consumers via real world digital screens. Advertisers of all sizes and budgets can target audiences using mobile location data and launch campaigns in minutes, using one of the fastest growing DOOH networks in the world. Currently, the Adomni platform has over 150,000 digital screens available across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia.

Learn more at www.adomni.com

About IZON Digital Media Network
IZON is an innovator in creating proprietary media & entertainment platforms for premium & niche marketplaces which reach highly targeted captive digital out-of-home audiences. IZON focuses its efforts on verticals where a premium user base already exists and can be engaged utilizing its digital media network. It's first solution has been created as the ultimate digital content and GPS platforms for golf. With a rich feature set for the golfer that include IZON Side Games, Tournaments and a proprietary Companion App courses are finding an entirely new way to provide additional value to their customers. At the same time IZON provides the golf course operator an entire Fleet Management, Agronomic and Operational suite of services to manage their course operations. In addition, IZON has created one of the most unique premium outdoor advertising networks as well with its proprietary Ad server, IZON REACH. Recently the newest vertical of focus was announced, IZON Ride. IZON Ride will provide solutions for the consumers inside of premium fleets of rideshare cars, luxury buses and existing black town car & SUV service vehicles.

For more information visit www.izonnetwork.com

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  • Post published:December 20, 2019
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