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Adomni features an automated ad content approval process that is streamlined for quick processing.  Most ads are approved within hours of submission.

After creating a campaign and selecting the markets and screens to target, the last step before your campaign starts running is to upload the ad content.

To do so, visit the Ad Content tab.  

You have three choices, when it comes to ad content:

  1. Bulk Upload Ad Content - this lets you select multiple files from your computer to upload in one swoop.
  2. Bulk Create Ads - this lets you provide to Adomni a layered photoshop file in horizontal and vertical modes and Adomni’s content team will make all of the different pieces for you (at no extra charge).  Ads will be placed in your Adomni account for review and utilization within 1-2 business days.
  3. Assign content - this lets you upload or assign an existing piece from your computer, one at a time, for each unique size.
Ad-Content tab

After you have assigned your content to a specific campaign, an Adomni content approval specialist will first review it to ensure that there are no typos, image/video quality issues or inappropriate material.  Once it has passed by their review, it is electronically sent to the media owners for their approval.

Every ad in Adomni’s system is reviewed and approved by media owners before it can be served on DOOH screens.

As soon as your ad is approved or rejected, you will receive an email notification with the approval status.

You can view and track your ad content approval status on the Ad Content tab in the column called “# of Media Owners Who Approved Content”.  If all of the media owners have approved the ad, the circle will be green.  If you are waiting on approvals, the circle will be red.

Ad-Content Approval Status

Supported Ad Content Formats

For static image ads, we support the file formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf.  

For video ads, we support the following formats: .mp4, .mpeg, .avi, .mov.  *Note: not all devices support video.

Rejected Content

Content may be rejected for numerous reasons. Common reasons for rejected reasons include:

  • Quality - make sure the image/video is of high resolution and is not blurry.
  • Suitability - some boards may have content restrictions such as no alcohol, tobacco or gaming advertising. 

We will notify you by email if your content has been rejected and provide recommended revisions.  After revising your rejected content, upload and assign it again.

Our team of content experts is available to assist with any of your questions or needs.  Email us at or live chat or phone.

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