Creating an advertising campaign

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With Adomni’s easy programmatic planning and buying tool, you can build and launch a campaign in minutes.

Here are the 7 steps:

  1. On the top of the website, click Login/Register
  2. Once logged in, click on the New Campaign button.
Creating Campaign 1_

3. Start by entering in your core information on the top of the page such as the campaign name, client name (if applicable) and optionally associate tags for filtering/reporting later.

Creating Campaign 2_

If you have any questions about the meaning of the different options, click on the question-mark circles for an explanation. 

Creating Campaign 3_

Next, enter in the target areas where you would like your ads to play.  After choosing from popular attributes such as metro area or zip code, the geo targets will show up in the middle section:

Creating Campaign 4_

If you have specific media type preferences, choose the ones to include and they will appear as pill buttons like shown below: 

Creating Campaign 5_

With every change you make, the metrics tray at the top of the page will update:

Creating Campaign 6_

Click the dropdown for “View Breakdown by Media Type” to see the # of screens, impressions and CPM price:

Creating Campaign 7_

4. Next go to the Campaign Details tab to provide your schedule for when the ads will play, enter in your budget and specify your desired media mix budget allocation.

Creating Campaign 8_

5. If you know the specific audience that you are trying to reach, using our Audience IQ technology, you can target the best screens that match up with your intended audience.  Our complimentary, audience targeting technology offers 1,000 audience segments, with options ranging from demographics to behavioral to purchase interests.  

Powered by:

and their database of 200 million monthly unique mobile device ids

Once you have selected your optimal audience segments, our ad serving technology will score each of the screens in your consideration set and select the highest scoring locations that match up best with your campaign objectives.

Learn more about how this powerful technology works:

6. Once you have finished with the Campaign Details, our system will display the content sizes needed on the Ad Content Tab. 

Creating Campaign 9_

Click the Assign Content link for each size needed:

Creating Campaign 10_

In the new pop-up that appears, you can choose from the options in the top right -

  • Upload Ad Content
  • Create Ad Content
  • Download a Photoshop Template for that size needed
Creating Campaign 11_

For campaigns with many ad content pieces needed,  we are here to help.  If you click the Bulk Create Ads link and provide us with a landscape and portrait layered photoshop file, we will take care of the rest!  We will email you the details after we receive your files.

Creating Campaign 12_

Or if you are comfortable building and uploading all sizes needed, you can easily upload them as a group:

Creating Campaign 13_
Creating Campaign 14_

And of course, if you have any questions about these ad content needs, contact us at or by phone 844-423-6664 or live chat.

7. The last step in the process is to launch your campaign from the campaign snapshot page:

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