Pricing of digital out of home inventory

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Adomni’s buying platform currently has a fixed-price selling model.  The cost of advertising is shown in CPM $ terms and there is no minimum budget or spend requirements for nearly all of our DOOH inventory.  

We believe that price should be transparent and easy-to-understand throughout the entire process.

The flat CPM prices shown in our buying platform combines all of these elements into a single gross CPM price:

  1. Negotiated rates from the media owners
  2. Adomni’s platform/tech fee
  3. Audience data
  4. Concierge services 

Rather than itemizing out all components, we show an “all-in” price (similar to the way Southwest Airlines shows prices for airline tickets).  The price you see when building your campaign plan is exactly what you will pay when your ads are served.  There are no add-on fees for managed services or data.

Here is a grid of Adomni’s average CPM prices across each digital out of home media type:

Note:  pricing is subject to change.

Airport Lounge $7.59
Bar/Restaurant Jukebox $3.94
Bar/Restaurant TV $9.91
Bowling Alley $3.94
Cannabis Dispensary $10.54
Cinema Lobby $12.64
Coffee Shop $7.56
College Campus $8.20
Convenience Store $9.48
Dental Clinic $10.00
Digital Billboard $7.29
Doctors Office Waiting Room $8.17
Golf Course $6.74
Grocery Store $8.55
Gym $7.55
Hotel $10.00
Liquor / Wine / Beer Store $6.68
Mountain Resort $12.02
Office Building $18.78
Pharmacy / Drugstore $10.26
Rest Stop $6.25
Salon (Men) $8.82
Salon (Women) $7.84
Shopping Mall $7.94
Spectacular $23.54
Taxi / Rideshare Screen $6.39
Transit Shelter $12.41
Urban Panel $14.13
Veterinarian Clinic $12.50

If you have any questions about our pricing, feel free to reach out at or live chat or phone.

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