Types of programmatic delivery methods supported

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Adomni’s buying platform has a mix of programmatic transaction formats, including:

  1. PD - programmatic direct
  2. PMP - private marketplace
  3. OE - open exchange
  4. PG - programmatic guaranteed

All formats except programmatic guaranteed are set up just like buying ads on Facebook/Instagram/Google AdWords, whereby the DOOH inventory is transacted on an if-available basis.  You set your targets and budget and Adomni’s algorithms will select the optimal inventory and serve the ads once the creative artwork is approved.

Below is a description of each type of transaction.


Programmatic Direct (PD)

The most popular way that we transact is via programmatic direct.  A media owner’s DOOH inventory is listed in our SSP, they send us ad requests for unsold ad plays and we respond to the requests when there is an active campaign targeting the inventory.  The pricing is fixed and there is no auction occurring.


Private Marketplace (PMP)

Much of Adomni’s inventory is connected through evergreen PMP basis (with each media owner).  In this model, Adomni has negotiated a fixed CPM price with the media owner and made the inventory available through the buying platform for instant, real-time transactability.  The pricing is fixed, however there is an auction occurring in an RTB environment.  PMPs have a higher priority level in the ad serving waterfall than open exchange.

If you are an advertiser looking to setup a custom PMP (versus using Adomni’s evergreen PMP), we can discuss the options that are available.  Email us at sales@adomni.com


 Open Exchange (OE)

Today, only a small amount of Adomni’s transactions flow over an open exchange model.  With open exchange, the pricing floats.  Media owners establish their CPM price floors and advertisers can bid their CPM prices above that floor in variable ways.  Even with OE inventory, Adomni’s system established a fixed price, even though there is an auction occurring in an RTB environment.  Open exchange has a lower priority for media owners than PMPs.


Programmatic Guaranteed (PG)

There are some digital out of home media types on Adomni that offer programmatic guaranteed delivery.  With this model, once you book your campaign, the inventory is made available to you and there is no auction occurring.  If guaranteed placement is important to you, please contact our sales team to explore options - sales@adomni.com.

This transaction type is currently the least common, as most media owners have tended to not allow this type of model (yet).


If you have any questions about these different options, feel free to reach out at support@adomni.com or live chat or phone.

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