Super Bowl LVI: The Biggest Ad Event of the Year

By Julia Cramer for Ad Club Insider

Published: February 6, 2022

The Super Bowl presents two forms of entertainment: the annual championship game of the NFL and the most notable commercials. Hundreds of millions of viewers are likely to discuss the ads just as much as the highly-anticipated sporting event. Not to mention, almost 80% of Super Bowl LV viewers watched the game solely for the ads. And with the Big Game right around the corner, brands big and small, old and new, will have a massive opportunity to garner the attention of audiences nationwide! 

According to NBC Sports EVP for sales and partnerships, Dan Lovinger reported that nearly all of this year's ad slots were sold out in mid-July 2021, months prior to the current NFL season kickoff. The accelerated demand has caused the price to rise to a "record pace" of $6.5 million for a 30-second ad. 

Yet, with audiences cutting the cord and switching to digital streaming services, the traditional way of advertising alone is more of an obstacle in getting marketers' brand messaging across. The glory time of a 30-second Super Bowl ad is not enough to make a lasting impression, which is why modern advertisers are employing an omnichannel approach to create the most-talked-about Super Bowl ad. In 2019, 79% of viewers reported using a second screen while watching TV. As people consume media across a cornucopia of screens for the duration of the game, brands need to ensure they reach audiences with consistent messaging across all relevant platforms and extend the lifeline of their campaign. 

For example, Avocados from Mexico is launching a multichannel digital marketing campaign leading up to the Big Game to increase purchasing intent and generate brand awareness. The House of Goodness campaign will be hosted by Drew Brees where he invites customers to use the in-store QR code, which will lead right to the brand’s website, and audiences can even take a selfie with the former NFL quarterback! According to Adweek, the omnichannel campaign is running on key social platforms and placing avocados on virtual shelves of 40 retailers. 

So what will be the tone of the advertisements in 2022?  

With nearly two years into the pandemic, Super Bowl audiences are searching for relief and levity. The tone of 2022 will be vastly different from the seriousness of last year, with loyal Super Bowl ad brands such as Doritos, Hyundai, and Budweiser showing off their products using acclaimed celebrity cameos and comedic narratives.

After seven years, Nissan returns to the Super Bowl spotlight to promote the new 2023 Nissan Z, with stars like Dave Bautista, Danai Gurira, Eugene Levy, and Brie Larson. The ad acts as a trailer for an action-packed comedy film called Thrill Driver. 

On the other hand, some brands are taking a more conscious approach to create a lasting genuine, and thoughtful connection with their consumer. Hologic, a medical technology company that prioritizes women’s health, is making its Super Bowl debut with its Well-Woman initiative campaign created by a Black-owned woman-led agency CHÉ Creative, featuring the famous singer and this year's halftime performer, Mary J. Blige. Blige wrote to Variety, “With this ad, I want to remind women that we can’t do for others unless we take care of our health first.” 

Companies that intentionally connect with their customers will foster long-term brand loyalty and overall success. It’s proven that over half of customers are dedicated to brands that “get them” and understand their preferences. With Hologic’s campaign, it noticed that nearly 50% of women ages 16 to 54 had not seen a medical professional for a health screening in the past year. The women-focused health company decided to use this messaging to its advantage during the Super Bowl while acknowledging the importance of these screenings. 

The Super Bowl is the annual event for brands to stand out and make a statement. However, it’s imperative companies create effective multifaceted marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience while also finding ways to tap into their target market’s tone - from humor to heartwarming ads. With the integration of various mediums, such as digital out of home and social media, the ads on your TV screen will be just the start. 

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Written By: Julia Cramer

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  • Post published:February 6, 2022
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