The evolution of the out of home industry

Published: June 12, 2019

There have been 2 major disruptors in the Outdoor Advertising Industry since my career began in the mid 90’s.

The first major change was the transition of hand-painted billboard panels and paper poster’s, to high resolution digital printing. Which as we know today, the ad content is applied to vinyl, mesh, or canvas then is installed on the faces of static bulletin inventory.

The second was the birth of the roadside LED Bulletin in the early 2000’s – allowing static faces to become digital, turning one face into eight or more. In addition to the digital capabilities, 24-hour exposure, and the flexibility to upload and display digital content, it allowed for new customers and opportunities; which resulted in generating exponential revenue growth.

Today, there are over 8,000 roadside digitals and counting along with hundreds of thousands of digital indoor and outdoor screens and networks in the US alone. Each one of these two disruptive technologies were needed, necessary and embraced. The operators were able to streamline processes, allowing their business to run more efficiently by saving time, which increased overall revenue.

The third evolution is happening now which is very exciting, Programmatic.

What value does Programmatic bring to the Outdoor Advertising industry?

Programmatic is the front door that is always open for business; allowing small to medium size businesses to enter, for digital campaigns that walked off with traditional budget dollars, to re-enter on their terms, by accessing inventory through automation that is intuitive and what they are accustomed to.

Adomni is a programmatic out-of-home digital buying platform, connecting screen operators with new buyers and encouraging new streams of revenue and exposure. Here’s How:

  • Ease of Use

Have you ever ordered anything on Amazon, purchased airline tickets online, posted on Facebook, Linkedin or any social media sites? The Adomni platform mirrors all of those channels, making it user friendly, transparent for planning and buying out of home assets – from behind a desk at your office or placing a last minute buy on a Friday evening from the comfort of your home sipping on a cold beverage.

  • Efficiency

“All have been given time, but only a few know its value.” – Sunday Adelaja

I had an open discussion with James Orsini President of The Sasha Group another VaynerX company in a recent visit to New York. One of the most interesting things he pointed out was the value of saving time. Check this clip out-

I have learned from the multiple digital agencies I have been working with that the more time they have the more advertising they can buy. The unvarnished truth I have had to learn is that OOH until Adomni was a process that took too much time and therefore was never taken into consideration for the campaign.

  • Customization

One of the more enthusiastic reactions from media buyers, is how diverse the platform is when it comes to budget. Adomni allows customers to tailor the amount of time they are on display to meet their budget needs. Over 20 years, one of the biggest objections to using OOH has been the wasted dollars, due to the fact the time, days and budgets weren’t customizable to fit specific needs or mirror broadcast day parting schedules.

  • Analytics

Another objection I’ve heard frequently, “Out of home advertising doesn’t provide the data we need in order to deliver measurable KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).” Today, Adomni’s Audience IQ technology provides audience based buying capabilities to advertisers, which allows them to select their ideal audience segments by demographics, interests, and behavior.

Technology is an integral part of how our industry will evolve to remain relevant. The integration of programmatic platforms is proving that the Out of Home industry has evened the playing field in all aspects with regard to digital. This is an exciting new chapter and a huge win for all of us, I’m proud to be front and center.

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