The new generation of advertisers

Published: June 10, 2019

A look at millennials (the new largest generation) and how they will influence our industry.

As of June 2019, millennials have become the largest generation in America. Overtaking the baby boomer generation. How they think and act is completely different than the previous generation. Perhaps most importantly, they buy differently. They grew up immersed in technology, watching it grow before their eyes. And it’s technology they turn to for their buying decisions. They want access to all of the information about a product or service at their fingertips. Which is one reason they stay glued to their phones.

So how will this affect OOH?

As we’ve seen over the past several years, programmatic buying (the use of software to buy advertising) is on the rise. Millennials have already been buying facebook, google and other online advertising, and now that they have access to programmatic out of home, they are taking advantage of it. One huge benefit out of home has over online ads is the cool factor. No one loves big, bold and fast like the younger generations… and out of home has it! If I can buy a huge digital billboard in front of tens of thousands of daily commuters, I’ll go that route over a small online ad any day of the week. OOH has seen huge growth in audience measurement as well, which is allowing it to compete side by side with traditional online-based advertising.

What can we do to cater to these advertisers?

As billboard operators, there are a few things we can do to help this new generation see the value in our billboards and displays.

  1. Partnering with a programmatic DSP to list your inventory will ensure they have access to our locations.
  2. Making sure our audience measurements are up to par with the rest of the industry. The old days of traffic counts just won’t cut it anymore.
  3. Keeping up to date location details is a must. This includes sharp, clean photos of your locations. GPS and location information as well.

One company that stands out and has the tools needed to cater to this new generation of buyers is Adomni, a self-service out-of-home demand side platform.

  • The buying platform enables advertisers and agencies to easily find and buy unsold billboard space in an open marketplace.
  • Using their Audience IQ technology, advertisers can target consumer profiles such as demographics, behavior, and interests.
  • The content management system and ad player is simple and easy to use.
  • The platform easily integrates and connects to most sign manufacturers and supply side platforms

Just last month, one of the most influential millennials in the world, Kylie Jenner, used Adomni to extend her branding and communications to the real world for the launch of her new skin care line. The campaign has been dubbed as the largest programmatic billboard campaign ever, targeting 5,800 screens in over 1,100 cities.

With programmatic technology and easy-to-use functionality, out-of-home advertising is now a desirable advertising medium among this new generation of advertisers. What does this mean for us? More ads, more revenue, more growth.

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  • Post published:June 10, 2019
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