What a $5.5 Million Super Bowl Ad Can Buy in OOH

Published: February 8, 2021

A reader reached out to us at Billboard Insider with a link to a Digiday story asking “What a $5.5 million Super Bowl ad can buy in digital media”? Even though the game is over for this year (Congrats Tampa Bay), we did want to provide some highlights of the story and then we will talk about what was missing.

So how far will that $5.5 mill go in digital media?

  • 275 million YouTube impressions – YouTube skippable in-stream ads run an estimated $.02. In terms of Big Game spending, that could make for 275 million impressions on the video platform.
  • 6.1 million paid clicks on Google search – A search ad on Google could cost media buyers between $.90 and $1 on average.
  • 22 weeks of TikTok #hashtag challenges with a top tier influencer – On the short form video app, advertisers could opt for a hashtag challenge at $150,000 per week. Running those together with a $5.5 million budget, buyers could afford 22 weeks of hashtag challenges working with a top tier influencer.
  • 2.8 million clicks on CVS search ads – Media buyers looking to spend with CVS should expect to shell out a least $1.90 per click. That would mean 2.8 million clicks.

What was missing was pointed out by this question asked by our reader:

I wonder how many outdoor impressions you could get for $5.5M?

So we reached out to Luba Giglia, VP of Marketing at Adomni, who appreciated the question and quantified it from Adomni’s perspective.

"If an advertiser wanted to spend $5.5M on DOOH advertising using Adomni’s platform, they would target 440,000 digital screens across 40 different venue/media types, which would deliver approximately 600 million impressions."

600 million impressions! Out of Home again demonstrating we are the best value.

We really appreciate questions from our readers.  If we don’t know the answer ourselves, we will find it for you.

Read the full story on Billboard Insider

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  • Post published:February 8, 2021
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