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Whether you are a planner at an advertising agency or a marketer at a brand, we have made it easy to create and share digital out of home campaign plans/proposals.  

You can take any campaign that has been saved and share it with one or more recipients by email.  The body of the email will contain a brief summary of the main campaign metrics and a link to a dedicated webpage that anyone can access to view the campaign plan details.

To share a campaign, login to your Adomni account, then select the radio button next to the campaign you want to share. 

Sharing Campaign 1

Then choose the action of Share Campaign Details:

Sharing Campaign 2

A new window will appear with options for what information you would like to appear on the campaign plan webpage.

Sharing Campaign 3

We recommend that you use the Campaign Summary to provide a succinct description of the campaign objectives.  It will contain the markets targeted and the goal of the campaign such as “drive awareness” or “drive foot traffic to a specific store”.

It usually should not contain the specific digital out of home inventory selected.  That is used in the strategy section.

Here is an example of a Campaign Summary that our concierge team might write:

Sharing Campaign 4

The next section Campaign Strategy should contain all of the specific digital out of home tactics that you are recommending.  This section will contain the media types selected, dayparting rules, POI radius,  audience targeting information, etc.

Sharing Campaign 5

You can also personalize the campaign plan page with the logo of the brand by uploading it from your computer:


Sharing Campaign 6


Sharing Campaign 7

Next, enter one or more email addresses to share the campaign plan and hit enter or comma to convert them to be included:

Sharing Campaign 8

Lastly, decide if you want to email yourself a copy of the campaign plan email and click the Share button:

Sharing Campaign 10

Here is what the full share page looks like:

Sharing Campaign 11

The recipients of the campaign plan email will receive the core metrics for the campaign in the body of the email along with a link to view the full plan on a webpage.

Sharing Campaign 12

Once the link is clicked, you can view the full plan campaign plan on a webpage:

Sharing Campaign 13

The webpage URL can be shared with anyone you’d like.

Any changes made to the campaign or plan will auto-update on this webpage.

If you have any questions about sharing campaigns, let us know.  Or let us help you plan the perfect campaign by utilizing our concierge services.

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