Static vs. traditional programmatic out of home

Will there always be a place in out of home for traditional media? Vinyl wraps, trivisions and posters were the cornerstones of the industry, and perhaps still are since they vastly outnumber digital screens. This media may be sticking around for a while, but how it’s purchased may change.

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Who is Programmatic Advertising for?

Programmatic out of home advertising is the wave of the future as younger generations seem to prefer this over traditional OOH buying methods…But exactly what type of advertiser is the best fit for programmatic ad buys? It’s a much wider gamut than you might think.

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DOOH Screen Types

OOH screens are not just billboards – there are so many other types of screens out of home is made up of. The main benefit of DOOH (Digital Out of Home) screens is their capability of being accessed and purchasable by advertisers through programmatic supply-side channels such as Adomni.

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