Consumers Are Dominating the Internet, and now DOOH?

Published: March 20, 2023

The Internet is dominated by consumer behavior, as it shapes what becomes popular, who gets canceled, and what issues gain prominence. Even the most successful companies are no longer in control of the narrative. Once a product or service is released into the world, consumers hold significant sway over its success and impact. 

This online phenomenon isn’t going unnoticed by brands, as companies are delegating content creation to consumers and entrusting them with the capacity to produce and share their products and services on their behalf. And it’s working! More than 86% of companies use user-generated content (UGC) as part of their marketing strategies because it generates more conversions. 

Given the effectiveness of UGC ads in social media campaigns and consumers' considerable influence, there is every reason to believe UGC will go above and beyond in the physical world on digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens. DOOH advertising has been adapted to fit into the online world - connecting the customer journey across multiple touchpoints. With greater flexibility, targeting, and measurability, this advertising medium can tailor messaging and creatives to fit the current environment, in turn producing highly relevant ads that grab audiences’ attention! 

But how can advertisers utilize UGC on the big screens?

Enhancing Online UGC Campaigns with DOOH 

For years, user-generated content has become a bedrock strategy for advertisers' social media campaigns. Nevertheless, the continuous stream of digital ads has inundated consumers' online worlds, leading to ad fatigue and burnout. According to an OAAA and Harris Poll report, 68% of people are spending so much time looking at screens that they are tuning out digital online ads. DOOH is a perfect solution to this problem. It not only cuts through ad blindness but allows brands to reach target audiences while they are in an active mindset. An Elise Tech study found that UGC displayed within DOOH campaigns allowed an audience extension of +49% compared to a traditional campaign. And social media still plays a huge role in creating UGC campaigns on these dynamic and larger-than-life screens. 

How does it work?

Take to social media and incentivize users to be a part of your DOOH and social campaign with a branded hashtag or a contest! User's live responses can be shared on DOOH screens to boost brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and increase ad recall. For example, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) took its worldwide DOOH campaign to the next level with online user-generated content on Earth Day to raise public awareness of conservation action and ways to protect the planet. WWF utilized 140 LCD screens to aggregate tweets tagged with their branded hashtag, #EarthHourUK, asking people, “What should I do” to make the planet a more inhabitable place to live. The digital displays exhibited a rotating selection of tweets and images, sharing methods they could take to protect the earth. The DOOH social media campaign was an outstanding success, with 178 countries partaking!


Unlocking UGC with AI technology 

Advertisers’ campaigns are being propelled into the future with AI and digital out-of-home advertising! By leveraging AI technology, brands are creating highly-engaging user-generated content and never-before-seen creatives on DOOH screens. And data-driven technology allows advertisers to target their audience with precision, delivering personalized messages to the right people at the right time. 

For example, New Balance wanted to make a statement during Fashion Week using 'Real Time Exception Spotting' (RTES) technology on urban panel displays in New York City. Smart cameras monitored on-the-go audiences' outfits and used machine learning to decipher exceptionable outfits passing by. If you were considered an exception by the AI, the camera took a photo and showcased the winning outfit on display with the caption "Exception Spotted." The team also gifted the fashionista a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz Nubuck shoes! 

Launch a Simple UGC Campaign with Shoutable

The impact of online user-generated content on DOOH displays is not going unnoticed. Brands such as Shoutable have made it easy to deliver custom-branded templates for consumers to customize on some of the most prominent billboards nationwide. Wag!, Robin Thicke, and Impractical Jokers, to name a few, created UGC DOOH campaigns with Shoutable to positively boost consumer perception and excitement around a special event. The results show higher audience engagement and authenticity in their DOOH marketing campaigns!

Consumer participation remains to be a powerful engagement tool! Couple that with digital out-of-home, and brands have a surefire channel to maximize audience engagement, create highly personalized and dynamic content, and foster brand loyalty. Get started today and make your consumers brand ambassadors by contacting us at

Written By: Julia Cramer

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