DOOH is the Super Bowl’s REAL MVP

Published: January 7, 2022

The 2021-22 NFL season saw strong ratings as people returned to packed stadiums and sought out social activities. And we expect the Super Bowl to achieve even greater ratings. As we are only a month away from the most highly anticipated sporting event of the year, advertisers must find ways to increase sales, generate brand awareness, and stand out from the advertising saturation during a peak seasonal marketing event. 

This year’s Super Bowl will be kicking off in SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2022. Major sponsors are agreeing to pay upwards of $6.5 million for a 30-second broadcasted slot, along with similar investment in other NBC inventory, according to Dan Lovinger, EVP of sports ad sales at NBCUniversal. A mark-up increase of 18% compared to last year. The rising costs shut out even some of the more prominent advertisements, like Hardee’s, that impacted Super Bowl ads in the past. And the ads only run for 30-seconds during the entirety of the game, causing a mass amount of pressure for just a minute slot. 

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising allows brands to gain maximum ad exposure before, during, and after the Super Bowl, extending the campaign's lifeline while reaching intended audiences throughout multiple touchpoints, which far exceeds the duration of a football game. And it’s important even now more than ever, to be able to have a flexible campaign that is entirely risk-free. Here are industry examples of how brands can engage with people wherever they may be with DOOH: 


According to Frito Lay’s latest US Snack Index Poll, 40% of Americans are snacking more than they did last year in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, and 86% of those pollers plan to shop for the Super Bowl during the week leading up to the game. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands have an excellent opportunity to reach the active shopper throughout their customer journey with embedded Super Bowl content as they prepare for the big game with DOOH. Not to mention, the amount of planned retail spending encompassing the event was $17.2 billion in 2020.

Activate your CPG campaign in grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, or wherever consumers can quickly purchase your product - near or at the point of purchase. Brands can use dynamic messaging tailored to the Super Bowl and communicate with their audiences about products and special promotions on their path to purchase. 


Snacks and drinks are not the only hot commodity during game day, but so is a shared meal. According to DoorDash's Game Day Eats Report. 50% of people said they were more likely to order from a local restaurant during the big game, and over half of serious sports fans planned to order delivery or takeout. So, how can you ensure your QSR brand gets maximum exposure and sales for the big game?

Quick-serve restaurants (QSRs) can use DOOH's programmatic technology and geo-targeting by displaying ads on venue types in close proximity to their restaurants and directing consumers to specific locations. With dayparting, brands can schedule ads at certain times of day when they are most receptive to messaging or even, based on the outcome of the game. 

Activate your QSR campaign on digital billboards, urban panels, transit shelters, Uber OOH, and convenience stores to increase foot traffic, drive brand awareness, and encourage audiences to choose your restaurant for their Super Bowl meal. 

Sports Betting 

There has been a massive increase in states legalizing sports betting since the Supreme Court struck down a federal law prohibiting sports gambling in 2018. As audiences begin to place their bets, DOOH is an effective platform to reach those sports fans excited to profit off the biggest sporting event of the year! 

With the power of DOOH, sports betting apps can generate new signups and raise brand awareness up to the day of the Super Bowl. Last year’s SuperDraft programmatic DOOH campaign launched within 5 hours of the initial discovery call across 20 unique NFL markets on a wide variety of venue types. The 3-day campaign generated significant new signups and $740K of new entrant fees. 

Activate your sports betting campaign on digital billboards, bars & restaurants, urban panels, Uber OOH, convenience stores, and more to promote app downloads and generate account sign-ups. 

Brick and Mortar

Sports fans everywhere will be preparing for the football event by heading to a nearby retail location to stock up on snacks, drinks, team memorabilia, and party favors! The NRF expects 86% of viewers to make purchases to help mark the occasion. And respondents plan to spend $74.55 on average, for a total of $13.9 billion nationwide. Not surprisingly, 77% of their spending will be on food and drinks, and 11% plan to purchase team apparel. 

DOOH allows retailers to form strong connections to sports fans while purchasing intent is high. The ability to create unmissable Super Bowl messaging drives fans’ attention and purchases in-store. And DOOH can work as an omnichannel anchor to create a more impactful campaign. For example, H&M, the multinational clothing company, launched a cutting-edge DOOH campaign integrating social media and print ads, which all tied it together in the end with a Super Bowl ad slot. The multi-platform campaign showcased David Beckham standing tall in H&M’s new bodywear collection. By integrating DOOH into their omnichannel approach, H&M generated increased awareness around their new product while spreading excitement about the upcoming game. 

Activate your brick-and-mortar campaign on digital billboards, urban panels, transit shelters, bars & restaurants, and more to generate more footfall traffic and drive consumer awareness while capitalizing on an important seasonal event. 


Although the Super Bowl is considered entertainment, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great time for other entertainment companies to capitalize on the sporting event. With 1,600 DOOH screens, Madonna promoted her new single and music video “Give Me All Your Luvin” across nine countries. The music video featured American football players and cheerleaders just days before her Super Bowl halftime performance. The DOOH campaign ended up being a huge success, with an overwhelming amount of social media attention and football fans amped for her performance! 

Activate your entertainment campaign on digital billboards, urban panels, transit shelters, and on Uber OOH to promote your upcoming album or announce a new tv show with DOOH. 


Digital out-of-home advertising is an effective way for industries to capitalize on the most famous U.S. sporting event, empowering advertisers to create memorable and unique Super Bowl campaigns. With consumers tuning out of digital ads and consumer mobility increasing, it has never been a better time to captivate sports fans' attention and drive measurable outcomes with DOOH. If you're ready to kick off your DOOH campaign, our team of DOOH experts is prepared to help at no charge to you! Contact us at

Written By: Julia Cramer

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