Everything you need to know about programmatic taxi screen advertising

Published: October 3, 2019

Pretty much any screen can be turned into a programmatic advertising location. Provided, it has the audience around it to generate impressions. That’s why we’re seeing digital screens on top of taxicabs and other vehicles become part of Adomni’s programmatic ad buying network. It’s not just digital billboards anymore.

Buying a car-top ad space online is somewhat of a new capability in programmatic out of home, but it has been steadily growing for the past 2-3 years.

Is taxi cab digital screen advertising right for you? Let’s review the differences when compared to traditional digital billboards:

  • You’re advertising on a moving screen vs. a traditional DOOH screen which is always stationary.
  • Viewers are closer to your ads and they are at eye level.
  • Smaller screen – means good creative is important.
  • Capability to play video ads as well as image ads.
  • Potentially reach a wider range of views since the cab is always driving around.

Above: A taxi cab in Las Vegas advertising a Cher concert on its digital screen.

How it works:

Just like purchasing digital billboards programmatically, taxi cab screens are just as easy. They have their own unique benefits over traditional media and also pair well as part of an overall DOOH campaign with other screens such as billboards or transit shelters. Want to learn more about buying ad space on car/taxi cab dooh screens or do you have a network of car/taxi dooh screens? Contact Adomni.

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  • Post published:October 3, 2019
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