Adomni: Redefining advertising in digital signage space

Published: October 14, 2019

Founded in the year 2015, Adomni is a leading advertising technology company headquartered in Las Vegas, NY. The company’s mission is to connect brands of all sizes with optimal consumers via a network of over 100,000 real world screens; from larger-than-life screens in Times Square to small screens in retail locations, Adomni helps advertisers deliver better marketing results by reaching consumers on-thego in a meaningful way.

Core Value Propositions

Adomni is driving new marketing dollars into the out of home and mobile advertising industries by offering the following five core value propositions:

Scale of reach: People are spending 70% of their waking hours out of the house today. Adomni connects advertisers to consumers via a huge network of 100,000+ screens in every corner of the U.S. as well as Europe, Canada and Australia.

Brand safety: With out of home screens there are no bots, click fraud or “below the fold” viewability issues. Out of home offers the largest canvas in the advertising world to communicate a message that can’t be skipped.

Self-service buying: We live in an era when convenience and automation are the new norm. Adomni’s touchless programmatic buying process allows for last-minute campaigns on a Friday afternoon and 24/7 campaign creation and editability. All in a fully transparent manner.

Audience-based buying: Just like the online digital and social advertising platforms, on Adomni, advertisers can specify who they want to reach and execute audience-optimized campaigns. Analytics and reporting: Savvy advertisers demand clear and actionable campaign reporting. Adomni offers real-time access to performance numbers such as the number of ad plays and impressions delivered at their specific locations. Their Audience IQ showcases which audiences were reached based on the mobile devices that passed by the screens. And with Adomni’s August 2019 roll-out of mobile ads, advertisers can view conversion KPIs such as clicks and online conversions.

With these core ingredients delivered in an easy-to-use online interface, Adomni and the out of home advertising industry are poised for exponential growth.

A Widely Recognized Expert

Adomni’s CEO, Jonathan Gudai, is widely recognized within the out-of-home advertising space as an expert thought leader and visionary. He is on the board of directors of the DPAA (Digital Place Based Advertising Association), on the Innovations Committee of the OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America) and plays an important role in shaping the future of the out of home community. He has written numerous articles for national and industry publications, educating the world on the power of out of home advertising and the future of the industry. Jonathan’s leadership has earned Adomni awards and national recognition.

Strengthened Online Platforms

Adomni believes that society has evolved to an attention economy. Data is the fundamental currency upon which so much of the world is operating. E-commerce and online buying platforms continue to strengthen.

Adomni’s innovations were crafted to dovetail with these core concepts. Its founders continue to hold strong the belief that the success of online platforms is determined by their easeof- use, accessibility and ability to deliver results. These core principles drive the Adomni team and the out of home industry.

Aspiring Digital Growth

According to the company, out of home advertising is one of the healthiest advertising mediums, with 36 straight quarters of growth. Digital out of home advertising is the second fastest growing ad medium behind digital. However less than 5% of out of home ads are being purchased programmatically. Adomni’s mission is to help grow the digital out of home market by 250% in the next five years by providing a programmatic platform that makes ads easier to buy and measure.

The current advertising platform giants who are the biggest competitors to out of home – Google, Facebook, and Amazon have brought the scale of reach, relevancy and self-service buying to advertisers. They do not “sell ads” as much as advertisers “buy their ads”. With Adomni’s easy, open online platform, the same holds true.

Emblem of Excellence

“It’s always exciting to find new ways to connect with people and I loved the idea of being able to have my Kylie Skin campaign show up on billboards simultaneously across the whole country, to tie in with everything I was doing on social media to promote my skincare launch,” – Kylie Jenner.

“Whether we are promoting our pay-per-views a week in advance or making a last minute push to sell tickets the day of the fight, 100% of our out-of-home advertising starts on” – Dana White, UFC

“Adomni’s platform allows small businesses like my sandwich shop to advertise on digital billboards, even with a small budget.” – Theo van Soest, The Goodwitch

“I love how the whole ad booking process can be done online. Adomni makes it so much simpler to run the UNLV Marquee Billboard.” – Brian Williams, UNLV.

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