Holiday OOH advertising that works

Published: October 27, 2020

The holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to put your holiday advertising plans into motion. In 2019, consumer spending was an astounding $730 Billion+ on gifts, according to the National Retail Federation. If you want your products to be included in consumers’ budgets, you’re going to have to pay close attention to your advertising.

This holiday season, take a multi-channel approach to your advertising.

Never assume a single impression of your advertising message is all it takes for a consumer to buy your product or service. Studies have shown it takes a minimum of 7 times to generate a sale. Therefore, showing your ads on multiple forms of advertising media is crucial to a successful campaign. Consider utilizing a mix of social media, digital billboards, gas stations or rideshare toppers, mobile, digital, and shopping mall or grocery store displays to promote your products.

To make your campaigns stand out this year, consider the following tips:

  • BE UNIQUE: Creativity is key. Being different/clever/funny will help your advertising stand out from your competitors.
  • LESS IS MORE: Err on the side of simplicity in out of home advertising, as well as other media, sticking with one singular message will help your ad recall rates.
  • DON’T BE TOO PUSHY: Urgency is good, but don’t make it too “salesy” or false. Sales and discounts are popular and work well, but if done wrong can make audiences feel like you don’t want them to have it.
  • LOYALTY MATTERS: Targeting new customers is fine, but don’t leave out your previous and existing customers. Remember their loyalty and the time and money it took to get them. Make sure your holiday advertising isn’t excluding them.

We’ve included a few examples of great holiday campaigns to help you become inspired to take on your own multi-channel campaign with ultimate success. It will be the best gift you give your company’s sales this year.

Using DOOH for holiday advertising allows multiple messages and dynamic content which is great for sales and countdowns.

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Amazon Prime utilizes digital billboards to remind customers that their Christmas gifts can be delivered the next day.

Image Source: GeekWire Photo / Taylor Soper

Out of home advertising is a great way to reach your customers when they aren’t in front of their tv’s, computers, and devices.

Image Source: Amazon

A simple slogan with associated imagery captures the essence of a great outdoor advertisement.

Image Source: Extra Credit Projects

Written By: Shane Hutton

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