How OOH Influences Audiences Across Industries

Published: July 29, 2022

The latest report from Harris Poll in partnership with OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America), "Consumer Insights and Intent Q2 2022," reveals that out-of-home (OOH) advertising is playing a significant role in driving consumers' actions and responses across multiple industries.

Let’s dive into the takeaways and how this will shape advertisers:

Consumers are hungry for QSR OOH ads

60% of fast food consumers recently noticed an OOH QSR ad, which increased among different consumer segments:

  • 77% of Gen Z  
  • 76% of Millenials
  • 69% of Urban residents in cities of one million+ population

Those that noticed OOH QSR ads were more likely to purchase food in-store or online. 

  • 67% purchased at the restaurant’s physical location 
  • 39% visited the restaurant’s website 
  • 39% ordered from the restaurant mobile app 
  • 24% shared advertiser info by word of mouth 

Plus, consumers look to OOH QSR ads for product information! 42% are interested in learning about prices, and 39% want to know about new product offerings.

Voters are influenced by OOH Political ads

Voters are engaging with OOH ads, with 55% noticing a political ad in the last month. 

Not only are voters seeing OOH ads, but OOH political ads are influencing over 50% of viewers. These political advertisements have motivated and persuaded consumers!  

  • 24% said OOH increased awareness of certain issues
  • 22% said OOH generated interest to do more research on candidates 
  • 17% said OOH increased their intention to vote for a candidate

Younger generations were more likely to be influenced by political OOH ads: 

  • 73% of Millennials
  • 71% of Gen Z 
  • 49% of Gen X 

Sports Betting is gaining traction with OOH

In urban areas, 54% of consumers report noticing sports betting and gambling OOH ads, and 32% in suburban areas. Those who notice take these actions:

  • 51% share information with friends or family
  • 47% visit the advertiser’s website
  • 41% made a purchase online

Cannabis drives engagement with OOH

47% of urbanites notice cannabis ads and 59% of those who see the ads take action:

  • 54% share information with friends or family
  • 48% visit the advertiser’s website
  • 45% make a purchase in a physical retail location

Plus, cannabis is playing a role in vacation travel! 30% of respondents say legal recreational cannabis is important when selecting their vacation destination, and 38% are likely to consume cannabis products on vacation where cannabis is legal. 


It’s needless to say that out-of-home is becoming a significant force in the advertising world! As impressive technology and opportunities emerge, more leading brands and advertisers are turning to OOH across a myriad of industries. Creating quick, targeted, and dynamic ads will give advertisers a strategic and flexible approach to reaching more consumers at the right place and time. If you’re ready to reach consumers outside of their homes this year, our team is prepared to help you plan your DOOH campaign today, at no charge to you! Contact us at

Written By: Julia Cramer

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