International Women’s Day: Q&A with Female Adomni Leaders

Published: March 7, 2023

March is Women's History Month, commemorating women's achievements and sparking conversations about the ongoing discrimination women face worldwide. In honor of this global celebration, we asked women at Adomni to share some career and life advice as females in leadership positions in a male-dominated industry. 


Jenell Kuehne, RVP, Client Partnerships - Central/Mountain

What can organizations do to support and encourage more women to take on leadership roles?

First and foremost, organizations need to make a point to diversify positions of leadership for women and recruit females actively for leadership roles. Every organization has the opportunity to grow and thrive by CHOOSING to support female leaders. From there, putting support and encouragement into action is critical. Here are three ways organizations can take action:

Find Out What They Need to Succeed. In order to support females in an organization, we must first understand what they want and what drives them. Create a space for women in the organization to talk openly about needs, wants, and challenges – then commit to implementing results and driving change.

Develop a Mentorship Program. Providing advice and guidance to younger female co-workers can be a catalyst for their personal and professional development and growth. Looking to other female leaders as inspiration is crucial.

Provide Leadership Training Opportunities. Offer training programs and workshops on women empowerment and leadership to give females the knowledge and tools to develop leadership skills. Offering structured resources opens the door to encouraging females who aspire to be in leadership roles.

Simply put, it is important for women to see other women leaders in their organizations. This alone will help them believe that it is achievable.


Luba Giglia, SVP of Marketing 

How can women leaders empower the next generation? 

Women's representation in the workplace has increased on all levels, but there is still a long way to go. The good news is that there are many incredible women leaders with the capability to help pave the way for others. Here are three ways women can inspire and empower the next generation of female leaders: 

Uplift Women in the Workplace 

As leaders, we should continue to prove why we are a valuable force in the workplace by speaking up and sharing our ideas, voicing concerns, and addressing issues that matter to us.

Pave the way for the future

Take every opportunity to educate, mentor, and advocate for women of the future to ensure our presence gets stronger every year.

Recognize your success!

Let’s face it. We are Superhumans! Women are juggling multiple roles and responsibilities on a daily basis. Let’s take the opportunity to recognize our achievements and be proud of the work we are doing!


Juliana Kogan, Director of Account Management 

What advice would you give women entering the DOOH space? 

Research the landscape, be confident, and NETWORK. It's important to understand the space in order to provide value in any organization. I am excited to see how much focus has shifted in recent years to Women In Tech and the resources that have become available. 


Jennifer Perkins, Director of Campaign Strategy and Planning

How do you overcome biases in the workplace? 

Understanding biases is a big part of overcoming them. Cognitive biases are our brain’s attempts to be efficient and make decisions quickly. They serve as mental shortcuts so our brains can speed up information processing. However, they rely on our perceptions, observations, and experiences, not actual facts.  

Knowing this, I approach every new opportunity or workplace relationship starting at the ground level and building up. I have always tried to focus on demonstrating my abilities through the actions and decisions I make as a leader. I work hard to create the lens through which I want to be seen, but it takes patience.

Over the years, I had to rely on a tribe of others to help me raise my family to be successful in the workplace and still prove I was as reliable as a man in the same position. Experiences like mine have broken down many workplace biases because companies are hiring women who believe we should be able to have it all.


Written By: Julia Cramer

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