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Published: October 21, 2021

There is a term called ‘functional fixedness’ in psychology and behavioral economics, a cognitive bias that involves a tendency to see objects as only working in a particular way. For example, most people believe a coin's only function is for currency when it could be used as a scratch-off or to turn a lock. Functional fixedness curtails innovation, problem-solving, and creative thinking. 

Advertisers have grown to view outdoor ads as a way to advertise to the masses effectively. And yes, that is an immense advantage, but it is so much more than that. Out-of-home (OOH) is a vast advertising medium with the potential for brands to spread joy, drive social change, and create lasting memories while perforating through the ad clutter and ad-blocking. 

An outdoor media company, QMS, and neuro-marketing firm, Neuro-Insight, scientifically proved that outdoor media does a great job at building new memories among consumers. Furthermore, digital OOH has a 38% higher impact than static advertising, "evolving creative helps build new memories each time it is seen - driving a higher cumulative impact for the overall campaign," CEO of Neuro-Insight, Peter Pynta, stated. Therefore, companies have the power to design and embed memories that provide a resilient effect that goes beyond the existence of the ad with DOOH. 

Brands like Disney are at the center of making memories, especially with out-of-home ads. For Valentine's Day, Disney brought the romance of New FantasyLand, the largest expansion in the history of Magic Kingdom Park, to Times Square. An interactive spectacular ran on a 2,250 square foot screen above a Disney Store capturing pedestrians in romantic embraces. These beautiful moments were then captured in an online photo gallery where participants could download and share with their friends and family. The campaign even received a couple of wedding proposals! 

Additionally, OOH ads can be used as a tool to motivate people to make real-world changes. For example, National Geographic's "Save Together" campaign commenced with an hour-long digital spectacular takeover in Times Square. The interactive campaign encouraged the public to take a selfie at their photo station in Times Square or to find a National Geographic Photo Ark poster and share on social media using the campaign's hashtag, #savetogether. Event organizers then selected 175 photos to be broadcast via a DOOH billboard. National Geographic leveraged DOOH to spread their environmental message and then amplified the conversation on social media, all while deepening knowledge. 

OOH ads can also be a helpful platform for companies to improve cities, like making enhancements to the landscape, while spreading brand awareness. IBM is a pioneer in urbanizing city streets, enhancing the everyday billboard with another purpose. Their "Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities" showcased three unique billboards: the bench, the rain cover, and the ramp. All with the simplistic purpose to demonstrate to city leaders that there are creative and easy solutions to fix cities issues, like the infrastructure. The award-winning campaign showed that OOH advertising campaigns could be multi-functional, educational, and creative. 

Many companies and advertisers still believe that out-of-home advertising's only purpose is to reach consumers and generate brand awareness. However, digital out-of-home ads have limitless capabilities that can be multi-functional from creating everlasting moments to making a powerful statement. So, what are you waiting for? If you're ready to plan and launch your DOOH campaign, our team of DOOH experts is prepared to help at no charge to you! Contact us at 

Written By: Julia Cramer

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