Making a Case for DOOH

Published: August 11, 2022

Consumer behavior has drastically shifted to digital across many industries, and the legal sector is no exception. 

The digital boom has caused websites such as Legal Zoom to emerge, migrating person-to-person services online. And delivery models such as client calls and discovery are redirecting all online. Lawyers see the need more than ever to have a solid online presence to prove their credibility, yet they still need to drive clients to their website and generate awareness in a competitive landscape.

The impact of out-of-home ads attracts prospective clients in a scalable format - and many legal firms have advertised their services on billboards for years. Digital OOH will continue to be beneficial as people seek more outdoor activities and digital screens are added to the physical world. Plus, OOH has been proven to amplify the reach of other media, ultimately boosting brand awareness and driving consumers online.

Programmatic DOOH technology allows law firms to keep up with their caseload by delivering creative and dynamic content to the most optimal audiences. Lawyers can utilize day-parting to ensure their ads are seen on roadside billboards at the most high-traffic times of the day or at coffee shop screens in the mornings, or at the gym in the evening. The ability to modify campaign parameters for optimal results guarantees higher response and conversation rates for legal firms. Not to mention, a study conducted by Nielson found that 42% of people recall digital billboard ads, with legal services being one of the best performing categories. 

With the high competition volume and rise of technology, creating a meaningful and personal connection is extremely difficult. People are immersed with content and messaging on their computers, mobile devices, and TVs which is why lawyers need to find other ways to reach their potential clients. Digital out-of-home is a great marketing strategy that will work in the legal services’ favor as more people head outside and take in their surroundings. 

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Written By: Julia Cramer

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